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Bad Tracking / Organchrist - Live in Bristol

Boundary Element

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Get your face melted, brain re-arranged, and your ear lobes massaged, all at once -

Rare live recording from two of Bristol's most uncompromising live acts -
Bad Tracking & Organchrist at the controls, one side each - recorded live in Bristol.

Those who've witnessed these two acts live, will be able to testify to the raw, undiluted hard-knox attitudes of these Bristolians, everyone else - here's a rather fine looking cassette, capturing the essence in DIY style, served up via Organchrist's Boundary Element imprint.

Ah btw this might even be the live recording of that Bad Tracking performance which ended up getting them noticed by a local politician in attendance, who tweeted about the nudity, and then got the bar management scared, who then decided to evict the two.
The story ended up in the local newspaper too. Legendary.

Fluoro orange tapes, letter embossed labels, served with art inlay in plastic baggies -
Limited edition.

Side A:
Bad Tracking (Live) @ The Crofters Rights, Bristol 18/09/18 43:34
Side B:
Organchrist (Live) @ The Red Lion & Exchange, Bristol 2016-2019 44:47