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Bambooman Ft. Jehst - Rusted

Sonic Router

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This one has certainly divided opinion - Bambooman links with UKHH MC Jehst for an outing on Sonic Router.

Having started out on labels like Brownswood and Project Mooncircle, Yorkshires Bambooman has spent a good few years honing his own blend of field recordings and ‘found’ sounds - an intriguing mixture of MPC beat maker and sound designer.

The A side ‘Rusted’ is a stripped back, organic number, leaving as much space as possible for the dank flow of Jehst - ‘Wrecking ball against the brickwork, red clay tumble into the dirt…’ before a colourful melody raises the tone slightly. It’s a pleasure to hear these introspective lyrics framed by Bamboomans organic beats - ’My soul is golden, I hope that it never rusts’…

While it might not be anything new on Jehst’s part, he does what he does very well - those that blazed many a ten draw to ‘Return Of The Drifter’ would do well to give this a go.

The B-side is a solo affair, low slung drums frame chunky saw waves and a meandering melody, decent stuff but we can’t help but wonder if this cut might have been more suitable for the killer early 00s flow of Billy Brimstone.

Rusted (Ft. Jehst)