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Barry Isaac - Earthquaker / Money

King Earthquake

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Scene veterans Barry Isaac & King Earthquake on thunderous steppers vibe -

Barry Isaac is a veteran of the UK Roots scene, for years now.
The man behind the Reggae On Top label, and a relentless worker behind the scenes, selling reggae records at various record fairs & dances across the country, for years now - we still get those Txt messages from him every month or so (well, not in recent months but we all know why).

King Earthquake is also a veteran sound operator, label head and producer.

Right here, on this plate from back in 2009, the two team up in the studio, for a thunderous stepper, aimed right at the chest of all babylonian systems, and all the greedy, money loving money vultures that come with it.

Flipside, the pace goes up, like the storm before the rainfall.

The Earthquake Dub version, is what really gets us on this record.
Full of that undeniable UK Dub soundsystem energy, and with a bassline that will fill your whole chest with a vibration.
A very mean trashcan style snare on this too - served in a sparing, and therefore more hard-hitting way, letting those echo chamber percussions lead the way. This one's wild.

Money, on the flip, comes at a slower pace, with an octave-cruising bassline, and a vocal that chants down the root of all evil - money.

These are the original dubplate mixes, according to the centre label.


Barry Isaac - Earthquaker

King Earthquake - Earthquake Dub

Barry Isaac - Money

King Earthquake - Money Dub