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Basic Rhythm - Slewage


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No, really. If the center label wasn't enough to get you hammering the add to cart button, the clips certainly will - No frills, gullyside grime mutations from Basic Rhythm on Type.

If you clocked his album at the start of this year you'll have no doubt enjoyed it no end but been frustrated that some of the tracks were slightly DJ unfriendly, this single is the remedy.

Compiling years of knowledge gathered spinning tunes on pirate radio and in sweaty clubs, a true disciple of the hardcore continuum, Basic Rhythm licks off 3 deadly cuts that take in the ruffest of grime, breakstep and eski, framing in the context of the never-ending now.

Utterly deadly and comes with a nod from us, it's been practically glued to the turntable since the box arrived here.



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