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Basic Rhythm returns for his second outing on Type Records another does of tenacious beat programming. As with his first LP for the label, all the tracks are skeletal in form, referencing a whole host of UK dance music. The drums are excellently produced throughout ‘The Basics’, full of energy and detail.

The album opens with ‘Suburban Bass (4 Da R)’, Junglist vocal cuts set the vibe before the track drops into a dubwise, swung beat workout, killer stuff.

‘E18’ continues the vibe, channeling the post-UK Funky drum programming reminiscent of 2009 Hessle Audio. Clever triplets and tuned percussions punch through, alongside the occasional Grime MC snippet. While these are all tried and tested tropes the execution is second to none.

‘Cool Breeze (Summer in Woodford Green)’ is a rare excursion from inner South London culture for something resembling footwork. Frenetic 808 give a steppy and high paced bounce, alongside sunshine filled pads cut straight from the old MP.

We are taken straight back to inner city flats for album highlight ‘Kool Klaat Kore’. Snappy grime strings and glocks reloading take centre stage here as the riddim twists and turns like a Polo full of youts. Rudebwoy business! Watch out for this one getting wheeled inna dance.

Suburban Base (4 Da R)


Cool Breeze

Blood Klaat Kore