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Batu - Dekalb/Collate


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Batu steps into the dojo - 2015 really is his year… Having launched his own Timedance label and night, dropping ‘Numen’ on Hotline and following up with a killer 12 for Mistry - It’s full steam ahead for the Bristol based producer.

Dekalb/Collate is, for our money, his finest work to date, no mean feat considering his immaculate back-cat. The A.side is some of that trademark Batu magic, heavily textured bass that underpins a weighty kick and the sort of percussion that reveals new tricks with each listen.

Flip it over for our fave ‘Collate’, a real stormer of a track this one, ratcheting up the pace and lacing the dance with wild metallic sweeps and double time percy - absolutely guaranteed to whip the floor into a frenzy.