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Batu - For Spirits

A Long Strange Dream

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Proper classy gear from the don Batu, coming with a fresh slab via his new imprint, aside from the pressure's of the Timedance, and paired with his radio show of same name -
A Long Strange Dream.

We've been thoroughly enjoying this one (in the dance, and at the crib) -
Taking in a dubbier and more organic approach amidst the hi-tek club pressure, on this 12" Batu conjures up some quite headsy, and just utterly funky vibes - deadly on the 1s and 2s, and a joy to just bump on the stereo.

In Tongues with it's kinda spiral tribe / JTG / Seln conjecture is a big fave. But the one we can't get enough of, is the title track 'For Spirits' which builds on a rubbery, dubbed out bassline, sounding perfectly sweaty and full of momentum for your body parts to move to. The whole 12" is proper solid though, if you ask us.


In Tongues

Foraged In The Margins

For Spirits

Through The Glass