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Batu & Lurka - Fringewhite001

Fringe White

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Small repress for the 2k18 kru, still fresh!!!!
Comes with different colour stamp, same thumpin' tunes!

It's not much of a secret that we are big fans of Batu and Lurka, so it is with great pleasure that we are able to finally reveal that, after a period of about 18 months of fruitful studio sessions, the pair have taken matters into their own hands and pressed up a run of their collaborative works in the from of Fringewhite001. The first in what we hope will be a series of records from them.

The pairing sees the two artists compliment each other perfectly, combining a passion for weird and wonderful sound design and broken techno with a UK leaning, as the man Lurka says - 'The vibe when me and Omar are making tunes is comedy and trying to take things to the brink of absurdity, making each other laugh is a key part of the process and the time just flies by when were in the studio.

‘Similarly', he continues, 'with our sound design we are both massive sound design geeks and enjoy fucking with sound and chasing an idea down a rabbit hole. once again taking it to the point where you're not quite sure whether its quality or fcuking stupidity'

The three tracks on the first plate were made over a series of sessions between 2014-2015 ranging from the electro indebted lead track through to the muscular thump of the second and our favourite, the third cut which works a pensive melody around weighty kick drums and cascading snares.

Road tested at Timedance parties and at the hands of Mumdance, Hodge, Lee Gamble and Ben UFO.

Strictly DIY and strictly business here, proper quickfire white labels, cut by Rashad Becker at d&m, stamped with a design by Patch Keyes and the tracks don't even have titles -

Angular dance music full of sonic sugar, bloody good stuff.... Don't sleep on this!