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Batu - Marius EP

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Bristol's own Batu makes his debut and way, way overdue appearance on Hessle Audio with Marius - a four track EP that sees him continue to push his odd-ball style in new directions.

Lead track Marius is our pick of the bunch and one of our favourite Batu tunes. Theres a glacial feel to the track - the top end is brittle, delicate and full of tiny details that brighten the throbbing sub-layer that propels the track, like the shimmering verbs on that gorgeous melody all the way through to the FX treatments on those splashes of laser that burst from the track's exoskeleton.

Elsewhere, Batu takes a more considered 4/4 approach, using his savvy ear to disturb the sonic space with his signature sonic palette. Off Court uses its brief snippets of melody to great effect, constantly filtering them and disturbing their spatial character in unexpected ways. Final track Don't - a beatless excursion, and the most stripped down track of the lot - cleanses the palette from what came before. Consisting of little more than a stunning melody and counter-melody, it needs little else to propel you to the end of the package.

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Off Court