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>> 2023 Re-run << 


Xmas has come early, the new RWDFWDMIX is here and it's none other than Batu at the controls!

For the fifth in the RWDFWDMIX series, we're really glad to be able to present this absolute gem of a 90 minute excursion through hypnotic rhythms, weirdo club bangers and pacey, abstract junglist steppers from Bristol's very own Batu.

A long time friend of ours, (he's even put in a few hours of work for us here in our little office over the years - big him up!) Batu released one of his very first records on Hotline back in 2015 and we've watched him go from strength to strength with his own productions and the much respected and loved Timedance label & club nights over the years -

A few years on, and he's put out some of the highest grade off-kilter club music in the circuit - pushing his own productions, new artists and bringing in established talent alongside -
Batu has been landing records on XL, Hessle and launching timeless collaborations with the don Lurka on his Fringe White imprint (just been repressed, check our site for that), and he has, rightly so, been in hot-demand as a DJ for some time now - playing venues all across the globe, some to huge crowds, some in more intimate settings - but importantly never forgetting to push forward sonically, keeping things curious, experimental and playful - techno in the broader sense, for broader senses.

This mix is a stellar example of Batu's well-tuned ears and deft skill at combining rhythms and frequency to utterly dance-able, hypnotic effect.

Cassette-only mix.
C90 tape.
Baby pink tape with onbody print & printed inlay.
Artwork by Studio Tape-Echo.