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BD1982 - Decades Tempest


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Diskotopia head honcho BD1982 returns to the roost for a full length outing. Decades Tempest is an immersive concoxion of styles and moods, and sits comfortably amongst his best works that have been put to record (and tape).

Ostensibly, some of these tracks' origins can be dated back to sketches from as early as '03, not that it shows. BD1982, real name Brian Durr, has that rare knack of making any style or combination of them sound utterly like himself, here culminating in a dreamy cross-section of House and Techno, New Wave, Goth, Krautrock and much, much more.

We're a huge, huge fan of this release... not hard to be when pretty much every tune is such a versatile, fine display of off-kilter bangers. We'll sign off by letting the label dissect the tunes in their own words:

"The raw machine-jam-session of Chrome20 opens Decades Tempest with a stark phased battery of motorized staccato-arps, industrial-strength drum punches and breathy murmurs recalling the sighting of a floating metallic orb in a Tokyo park on 20th June 2016.

Wind Rider is immediately prominent as we instantly become of aware of BD1982 exploring a new kind of chromatic noise-pop trajectory not found in his previous work. Unrelenting distorted square wave patterns are atonally painted over each other in a manic state of vocoded urgency; the resulting cacophony creating an impression of a turbine powered car-stereo anthem fit for neon-lit night drifts or long stretches across the Siberian tundra.

The washed out cybernetic dub of Madripoor Nights bends and weaves around a strident kind of trans-dimensional exotica, elements of which leak into the broken holographic geography video projections of Sovereign Cities.

We Used 2 B 1 sounds like the complete audio of a train documentary transcribed in full on a Casio graphic calculator, with disembodied vocals and soundsystem-shattering basslines on channels two and three respectively.

The fuzzy safari haze of Soul Jumper offers a brief respite before the ruff & ready polyrhythmic workouts of Last Rites, Catacombs and K-12 Cypher feed dedicated BD1982 followers with more familiar territory, albeit a perfected and perverted variety.

C THRU provides another example of the kind of unacquainted style of composition we are lucky to get to hear from BD1982 here; a marooned 21st century ballad that washes over in waves like the hidden oceans of Enceladus; a serene harbored relief following the tempest of a decade."

01. Chrome20
02. Wind Rider
03. Madripoor Nights
04. Sovereign Cities
05. We Used 2 B 1
06. Soul Jumper
07. Last Rites
08. Catacombs
09. K-12 Cypher
10. C THRU


Last Rites

K-12 Cypher

C Thru