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BDF All Stars - Tribute To A Tradition

Jah Fingers

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The 'very able' Basque Dub Foundation (responsible for that killer Juggernaut re-rub) go dub via outer space, in a special homage to the 80's cult reggae band 'Captain Ganja and Tradition' (you may remember the recent, much-sought after Bokeh Versions reissue?) -

Paul Thompson, Jah Fingers, Andy G, Jaime Jamez Zugasti and Inyaky Yarritu at the production and mixing desk controls - for this cosmic steppers dub style - a very tight refresh of classic sounds, in full air flight mode.

Excellent stuff

Tribute To A Tradition

Traditional Dub

Inyaki Buk Up Captain Ganja On The Astral Plane

Interplanetary Replay