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Beat Pharmacy - Beach Dub / Bowling Dub

ZamZam Sounds

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Deep dubwise from the legendary Brendan Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy, ZamZam style -

Fresh on the heels of the Heights & Worship / RSD double-drop, the Portland 7" powerhouse deliver their next disc featuring two depth charges from a South-African New York resident, dub-techno expert and man of many guises.

Records like these are why we love the ZamZam Sounds imprint, their willingness to reach out to the further exploits of soundsystem music and weave a coherent web of bassline-infused structures with their 28 strong discography.

Previous releases by the likes of Deadbeat and Strategy have proved that label owners Ezra & Tracy have a good list of connections in the diaspora of dub music, and this latest release sets the anchor a few feet deeper.

Musically, both Beach Dub and Bowling Dub display Beat Pharmacy's expertise when it comes to production, implementing razor sharp use of reverb, compression and delay to form a wash of soundscapes, sparse rhythms and hollow melodic structures, leaving endless space for the propulsive bassline to wallow underneath the upper frequencies in it's full competence.

This record was also mastered and cut by our favourite engineer - Lewis at Stardelta - and it sounds great for it.

As usual, served in strictly limited form, lovingly screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.
Edition of 600, vinyl-only, no repress.

Beach Dub

Bowling Dub