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Beat Pharmacy - Density / Everything to Gain

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Beat Pharmacy makes an extremely welcome return to ZamZam with Density and Everything to Gain, a fresh and varied pair of cuts that touch on a huge number of dub-continuum influences and putting them all through a pressure-blender - heavy, heavy stuff.

A side Density is a roots-inflected piece of beat science, full of sirens and off-kilter melodies that twinkle in and out of the mix, carried by a nauseous blasts of sub and a frantic, borderline schizophrenic drum section. This is the pick of the pair, and one of our favourite ZamZam tunes in a while too...

B side Everything to Gain channels Grime through a chamber of spring reverbs to end up with a barely-identifiable concoction of cross-genre influences. The result is another expectation-confounding cut full of incredibly clever edits and FX trickery - second to the A side only by a hair.

Two choice cuts sure to satisfy even the most jaded headz - TIP!!


Everything to Gain