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Beauty Parlour - Flattened by Corrupting Waves of Love


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Stunner of a release from Beauty Parlour via Ceramics -

Xavier Boucherat is the name behind 'Flattened by Corrupting Waves of Love', a set of tracks conceived in the depths of South Wales where the Romans used to mine for lead, many miles down valleys and countryside from Ceramics HQ in Bristol -

Ceramics operator Kinlaw stated about this 'listen once, and then listen again' - and we'd be inclined to pass this sentiment on. It really got us on the first listen, with it's subtly disturbed sense of serenity and calm, a deep sense of mystery and a disorientating sense of time & place - succinctly delivered right from the beginning of the opening track, with it's time-stretched, determined arpeggiating drift into 'City Of Flutes', which circles detuned melodic stutter around forest ambience and a spoken narrative about local sentiments and observations, before it stretches out into infinity with glassy chords that wouldn't sound out of place in the soundtrack of 'Annihilation' either.

'The Beacon' feels like the fractured consecution of it's prior, with warbled harmonics and granulated ambience reaching vertigo-inducing levels of weightlessness, held to earth only by an invisible anchor that drags the listening body back into the black hole, in slow motion.
The final track 'Born Twice', places us right inside this very black hole - a blur of communication through tangled, ghostly android networks tapped into phonelines, just before the curtain vanishes and we find ourselves back in digital construction of ancient nature... Perhaps this is the future landscape of South Wales? Or cerebral account of it's 'now'?' Who knows, but we certainly loved the trip.

High quality gear, and we only have a handful of them, and once they're gone that'll be it.

C23 tape, served with DL code, and with great design by Kin40k.

A Dog Cries Out Between Two Worlds

City of Flutes

The Beacon

Born Twice