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Bees - Hi Keke

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Humid electro loveliness which comes with our warmest recommendations. Sparse / cryptic info on this one but that just adds to the intrigue right?

"This time it's another content. I went to the curve on my bike. However, I can't take a decent shot because I found a long bee in the area making a nest in the nearby fence.

"What is it?" I thought it was going to deadhead on the line in broad daylight but when I saw the car passing by the side, there was a customer riding, so I found out it was a Rapid Airport. However, I wonder why I have changed the direction to deadhead despite the passing of the passing station.

Well, the conductor has a lot of business before the arrival. I like to observe actions that look irrational at first glance from the reason for business. There might also be a longing for the conductor.

Next time you go here, what's going on with the hive?"


Get stuck into the clips, this is goooood...


Cricket Stars of Siq

Snowy Day

Gate Inscription 1


Gate Inscription 2

Marble Bridge