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Ben UFO & Beatrice Dillon - 43:44 / 44:32


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This is one of those gems that gets us excited at RwdFwd - that magic meeting of expertly curated and blended music from all corners of the globe and packaging design that is so good we couldn’t decide if we should open it or not.

Evolving from a purely online mix series to this beautifully considered artefact here, the Dutch collective have made the move to the physical and the results speak for themselves - a pro dubbed, onbody printed cassette housed in a vacuum packed sleeve with artwork by Fallon.

It’s not like either selector here needs any up-selling - Ben UFO is rightly considered one of the finest DJs on the planet, having done Fabric CDs and the 200th RA podcast while playing across the globe, you know you’re in safe hands with the cosmic techno exploration on his side. Beatrice Dillon has treated us to a brace of vital records in the last few months on Snow Dog, Paralaxe Editions as well as a cassettes for MBE Series and TTT. Merging high life, free jazz and techno into one over the course of 45 minutes.   

Those with keen eyes and thumbs will know that the first run of these beauties sold out in less than a day, we are lucky enough to have some of the second and final edition housed in a clear cassette shell - once these are gone, thats it…