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Beneath - NoSymbols 004


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Fourth and allegedly final instalment in the genre bending NoSymbols series,  started nearly 3 years ago now for Beneath’s solo productions, which, arguably, changed the course of the UK underground for the better. A proper DIY label for bedroom beats, this is the underground in the truest sense.

‘Golden Age’ rolls out in a sludgy narcotic haze, it’s deceivingly simple and despite not really changing throughout the course of the A side, it draws you in deeper and deeper, the audio equivalent of too many tramadols, leaving you feeling like you’re walking underwater - we love it!

On ‘tother side is ‘Internal’ and ‘Luisa’, built around a wistful melodies and the unmistakable Beneath drum work, a suitably moody end to the NoSymbols saga, and one that we are going to miss a lot.


Golden Age