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Beneath - Seeus

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Long overdue appearance from one of the OGs in this, Beneath, finally on Hotline -

One of the first people ever to order one of the Tape-Echo newspapers way back when he had just released the first NoSymbols white labels, he was one of, if not the, first to take UK funky darkside, injecting that sense of dread that is integral to underground sonics.

It’s a sound that he’s been refining for a while now - from those early hand-stamped whites to standout records on Tectonic and PAN, to name but a few.

Simply put, nobody does it quite like Beneath - and Hotline have scooped up some of his finest cuts to date, the massive ‘Seeus’ that’s been played by so many big names. It pretty much made the voicemail redundant: big, bashy and infinitely catchy, it’s nothing short of an anthem...

Edition of 500, stickered sleeve and labels.

Design by Studio Tape-Echo