• Beneath - Worried / Shenron (NOSH 003)

Beneath - Worried / Shenron (NOSH 003)

No Symbols

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New Beneath on his No Symbols label -

The king of the murky dancefloors, Beneath is back with two new tracks on his own label.

Maintaining his moody stance and heads-down step, both cuts bang hard on the floor and there's no begging for hugs or handclaps.

Frosty chimes sound over a tumbling garage rhythm and uncompromising subs, sparse and dubbed out.

It's the aesthetic and way in which Beneaths tracks transport themselves through the speakerbox which we love, there's a certain grit and definite groove to these, it's not tame dance music for the sake of it, his tracks shine through clouds of darkness and the rhythms are hard to neglect once you're stood on the dancefloor and the soundsystem is shaking.

Heavyweight Vinyl.
Hand-stamped, white label style.

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