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Benidub - Reconquering Lion / 6.00 Dub


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Vivian Jackson / Yabby You relick on Echotronix -

Big riddims from Benidub on the Echotronix imprint, two instrumental digi-steppers with completing versions, increasing the pressure.
First off, the seminal 'Yabby You' gets a re-lick, with the vocal sample making up a driving force over a tough, rigid dubwise structure - clearly soundsystem gear.

Next up, we got the melodica-infused, equally dubwise and sub-heavy '6.00 Dub' ... With filtered basslines and a nice chord sequence running tings 'til the needle reaches the centre.

Wicked stuff for the dubheads out deya!

Reconquering Lion / Reconquering Dub

6.00 Dub / 6.00 Version