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Benny Ill - Rise 6 / Dead Drumz Remixes


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The O.G. daddy of all things steppin' and sublow takes a crack at remixing two classics from German label Version.

First up is Rise 6 by Orson, with a beat that is to dubstep what speed garage was to... ya know. Sirens, drum machine claps and an insistent 4x4 is all Benny needs to lay down dread vibes in a timeless fashion, complementing the minimal but effective original with a subtle and refreshing twist.

Dread Drumz sees another 4x4 underbelly prop up a breaks-driven nightmare, an absolute stormer of a cut and an absolute must in the collection - we really, really like this.

Orson - Rise 6 (Benny Ill Remix)

Orson + Hops - Dead Drumz (Benny Ill Remix)