Best Available Technology & BNJMN - De/Re Constructions


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Astro Dynamics treat us once again with the pairing of Portland’s electronic wizard Best Available Technology and Berlin resident BNJMN. Following up a solo releases for Left Blank and Delsin respectively, the pair collaborate on De/Re Constructions, an album that makes the most of their unique sounds. Best Available Technology’s freewheeling sonics are loosely harnessed by the more floor-friendly BNJMN in the true spirit of collaboration, making something greater than the sum of its parts.

Opening with the crystalline structures of ‘Wired’ through to the impossible colours dancing on ‘Ghosting’, De/Re Constructions is an immense piece of work. There are more DJ friendly moments – ‘Tread’ for example – but the majority of the album is a cinematic experience, colourful panoramas spliced with apocalyptic greyscale textures, a tense trip crafted by formidably talented producers.