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Best Available Technology - Excavated Tapes 1992-1999, Vol. 2


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The second set in a collection of early Best Available Technology Tunes freshly dug up and released by Astro:Dynamics.

Made with Portland-based Kevin Palmer’s collection of second-hand samplers and effect units, these tracks sat gathering dust in Palmer’s attic until he achieved recognition on Opal Tapes in 2012 and he handed them to Astro:Dynamics. Despite being made 20 years previously, their abstract, lo-fi, dubby character had much in common with more recent tracks of a similar nature.

Many of the tracks you will find on this release were created and improvised completely in the moment. At times with nothing more than the intention to sketch the outline of a new idea, or manipulate a sampled loop with a view to later chopping out sections, loading them up into the SP12, and reconstucting - in other cases the tracks are more fully formed, one of multiple different takes of a more considered compositions.

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