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Best Available Technology - Further Tracks

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We're pleased to have got our claws on the last handful of these cassettes from Portland's Kevin Palmer a.k.a. Best Available Technology on the Further Records imprint.

This Edition of 100 is sold out everywhere, we got lucky, a handful were handed back to Further Records in the US from a shop that mistakenly thought they were buying a vinyl product.

This is certainly cassette music in it's best shape - gritty, raw and analog.
But make no mistake, it's not a case of music that was put out on tape because the label didn't have enough faith in it to release on vinyl. Each track on this tape is an accomplished piece of work, from the reduced, menacing and ice cold, noise-based, electro-esque drum machine work outs on 'Toil and Travel' to the spacious, ever-evolving loops of 'Offensive Shield' - Further Tracks is packed with musical treats.

If you missed these earlier this year, now's your very last chance.


1. Echolalic
2.Toil and Travel
3. Hyades
4.Offensive Shield
5. Atomic Numbers
6. Interstitial Molasses Reduction
7. Ebb Uncut

Toil And Travel

Offensive Shield

Atomic Numbers

Ebb Uncut