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Best Available Technology - Gallery Tape

Working Nights

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Limited edition, live recording from Best Available Technology -

A 50+ minute live performance from Portland, Oregon-based Best Available Technology.
Originally intended for playback at an exhibition for the visual artist Nick Jeffery at the Hannah Barry Gallery in Peckham, London - now commited here to a cassette-only run of x50 cassettes, representing the first release from new imprint Working Nights.

The sonics come wrapped in photographic inlay, containing no info other than it's imagery - apparently taken from Kevin Palmer's 'vast collection of "webcam surveillance" shots.
Dubbed onto black tape, and left simply to run it's course, it's apparent that the intention is to let the sound do the talking.

Actually, the understated packaging adds to the mental imagery during the course of it's 50-or-so minutes, making it all the more enjoyable.
The recording reveals a very hands-on performance, with enough off-the-grid movement and shifts to explain it's improvisational nature and an approach that's most likely far away from using computers, much more in keeping with BAT's D.I.Y. attitude of raw effects, and loop-pedal abuse.

Moving on from stellar output on respectable labels such as Further Records, Opal Tapes and Gang Of Ducks, Best Available Technology provides, once again, very involving, impressive listening.
From the subtly discordant harmonics, aggressive noise bursts and feedback signal, through to the unchained rhythms and generous splashings of exaggerated echo, this project, simply entitled 'Gallery Tape' combines the meditative, seductive repetition of techno as much as it peruses the overdriven simplicity of dub music, all whilst maintaining a healthy element of punk...

Anchored in certified low-end frequency, Gallery Tape feels somewhat heavyweight, yet always at the brink of implosion, with the higher tones and internal rhythms leaving the listener with a constant uncertainty for what might happen next... making it all the more exciting throughout.

Great stuff.

Limited to 50, cassette only.

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