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Best Available Technology - Live At Take 5


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The one-and-only Best Available Technology makes his mark on NoCorner -

From PDX to BRS, it's a connection that has been waiting for it's solidification for some time now, a long talked about plan that finally came to fruition through mutual appreciation and a meet & greet on the streets of Bristol sometime last year, around the time that this recording was made, in the infamous basement of the Take 5 Cafe, just below Stokes Croft.

Travelling the UK and Europe with a trolley full of the essentials - cables, plugs, machines, maybe a toothbrush and some spare sock - Kevin Palmer made a brief stop in Bristol that time, performing live and direct for the guys at Plaque, laying down some uncompromisingly experimental sonics for those in attendance.

Thankfully, NoCorner have snatched the recording that was made (Basement ambience included) and have decided to cement this moment onto an orange ferric-grade cassette, packaged with artwork from Kevin's daughter, re-styled by our very own 'Studio Tape-Echo' here at our HQ.

Cruising through at around 60mins, this recording stumbles, plunges and rises through a hissing swarm of delays and bruk-up rhythms, in undeniable BAT style.
The signifiers of dub, techno and low-slung rhythms are hacked and chopped with improvised beats and mangled machine fuckery, fusing with live & direct concrete ambience recorded straight through a microphone into this mad little 4 track tape machine clone thing that he uses, amongst a gang of his 'best available', to make up the final signal chain.

No digital available of this cassette... Load it up and enjoy.

Limited to 60 copies.
No digital.
Two different cover designs, shipped at random.
Orange tape, green case.
Printed onbody, and printed inlays.
Illustration by Cecilia Palmer

Side A Clip

Side B Clip