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Best Available Technology - Neon Razor Chain


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Superb scuffed techno experiments from Portland.

Firm favourite of ours, ‘Best Available Technology’ follows up on his excellent ‘Gallery Tape’ cassette release with a five-tracker on the solid Left Blank Label.

the BAT aesthetic is a lo-fi one, lots of drum machines  and synths hard at work crafting dense, fuzzy techno rhythms for proper heads. The lead and title track, ‘Neon Razor Chain’ is a killer clash of shoegaze buzz and Minipops drum beats, deliciously lo-fi.

The second track, ‘Strobic’ is a head twisting number, pitching and yawing around a loopy kick pattern, proper zoners. The B side is holds 3 sub aquatic beat experiments, immediately calling to mind the earlier work he did for Opal Tapes.

It’s a real treat to see this underrated producer on another vinyl outing - top quality.

Neon Razor Chain


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