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Best Available Technology - Running To You

Working Nights

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It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Best Available Technology (aka Kevin Palmer) over at RwdFwd. Since debuting the B.A.T. moniker a couple of years ago he has constantly kept us excited with a huge variety of releases and styles on labels like Left Blank and Astro: Dynamics, across cassette and vinyl, Mr Palmer never disappoints.

‘Running To You’ is no exception, it’s a unique mix of electro-acoustic constructs that span 40+ minutes of tape, 5 on the A side and two longer pieces on the B.
Opening with the warm haze of ‘Arcs of Red’ and ‘Reprise’, the cassette goes from strength to strength, before adding some minimal beats and processed guitar licks in the standout ‘Rain Wind Sunset’, playing on the tension between delicately plucked notes, gritty distortion and a head mangling rhythm that refuses to fix on any set pattern.

As the cassette progresses, the structures fracture further, offering an immersive and tense listen that is rewarded by the final, 13 minute closing track ‘Sideways Mainline’ - early morning and late night listening coaxed from a basement studio in Portland and committed to tape - bloody lovely.

Arcs Of Red

Rain Wind Sunset

Stone Glance

Sideways Mainline