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Big Hands - A / B


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GRAFT00 is here.

The first disc on new label GRAFT from our friends in Italia, put out into the world with a bit of help from the RWDFWD distro, and pressed up on a hiqh-grade 12" disc, with depth-charging soundsystem heavyweights cut to each side, and served up in some serious each-one-unique, DIY stamp technique sleeves - the label earned it's name already.

After months of refining and navigating a pandemic (brexit and covid) in the vinyl world, we're very pleased to see this one come to light, even though we advise dimly lit, well-tuned settings when this record plays.

This here, is the first disc from the GRAFT crew, who've been putting in the work doing the infamous 'Since' events in Rome and 'Sobborghi' based in Milan, and are now scheming on a run of vinyl records to continue the DIY ethos and put some more love into the labour, with music from the crew, often remixing each others works, (anonymously, in this case) and cultivating collaboration, and community.

On the A side, sprawled out across 6mins with plenty space for the grooves to reach dynamic depths and peak volume, we have a murderously deep soundsystem bomb from Andrea Bonalumi, aka London based 'Big Hands' (recently spotted on Blank Mind records, and the Baroque Sunburst label (which joins the dots with the GRAFT crew, who are closely connected).

The untitled track on the A side let's steady bass-tremors undulate below tide & ebb of echo'd electronics and subtle percussive polyrhythm, a well-charged dive into soundsystem sonics with a nod to angular dub techno with deepest dubwise focus, and pressurised low frequency.
It's one of those tracks that just rolls, and rolls, and rolls, until it's done, and you realise you were zoned out completely for the duration, in some kind of sublow trance. We've been rewinding this one again and again, and we can't wait to hear it on a big rig asap.

Expanding on the headspace of deep, bass-driven sonics, the B Side comes cut with a remix by Big Hands, but the original artist has been kept secret, for now - (feel free to take a guess).
This one let's an unnerving time-bomb tick across lower-than-low sub, and deft filtered rhythm which circulates around the foundations of the +/- 100hz groove, the anchor of this ship which is sailing dark nights on windy oceans -
destination unknown, all radars are off.

Edition of 200, half in Bristol and half in Rome / Milan.
Different colour DIY stamp editions, designed by Pietro Agostoni.
Each one comes with meticulous, oversized, hand-applied multi layer stamps on each side of sleeve, as well as on centre label.

Mastered and cut by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut.
Vinyl-only for now, but it comes with a DL code.

Big Hands - A

- B (Big Hands Remix)