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Big Hands - Ossario EP

Blank Mind

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Big moves from Big Hands, coming with this killer set of deep sound percolations and rhythm-driven trax for Blank Mind -

What a great disc - this one is fully pressurized with low frequency, and filled to the brim with subtle detail in the higher freqs, properly fine tuned for a surrealistic reconfiguration of the synapses.
All bass-heads and depth-chargers, take note.
Also be warned about the GRAFT gear coming later this year....
Keep eyes & ears peeled.

Check the scope from the label, it perfectly describes what kind of work we're dealing with here:

"The Ossario EP presents four serpentine and labyrinthine techno tracks produced between 2019-20 by Andrea Bonalumi, also known as Big Hands. The title is a homage to San Bernardino alle Ossa in Bonalumi’s hometown of Milan, and personifies the ethereal and opaque atmosphere of his ouevre.

Stylistically ‘Girde Maye/Astere’ embodies the interrelation between his Milanese roots and adopted home of London. Recorded one summer evening in Bow, it includes an original vocal by a Turkish immigrant, spoken in Italian - a paean to an unrealised, borderless world. This is followed by the pendulous, mutating bell tones of ’Modulo’, a fragmented and abstract epic of sublime beauty that defies easy categorisation.

On ‘Oscillation’ the producer explores polyrhythms, which also functions as a tool for DJs to transition between tempos. The undulating groove of ’Cariatide’ rounds out the EP, a statement from a talented producer who deftly crafts a soundworld which is at once contemporary and historical."

Wicked disc, don't sleep on this one.

200 copies.
12" Vinyl in debossed house sleeve.
with custom hand stamp.

Mastered by Marco Pellegrino @ Analog Cut.

Girde Maye / Astere