• BIRK.004 - Loftmind / Aimmar Cair

BIRK.004 - Loftmind / Aimmar Cair

Birkhouse Recordings

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Birkhouse Recordings are back again -

The fourth tape in the series, adding to the eclectic and ever interesting Birkhouse discography -
this one is quite possibly the most accomplished production to date.

Highly technical, fluidly stepping dancefloor-maneouvres by Loftmind one one side of the tape, crafted with great attention to detail, 6 tracks of blistering techno-indebted beats, bass and synths make up Side 1, entitled "Norlander".
Built to rattle skulls.

Side 2: Aimmar Cair - "Burden"
An extended live analogue session with additional outboard post-processing.
Blissful noise for the soul.
Raw and gritty circuit-and-mind bending drones put a slow death to the dancefloor trembles of side 1, in a good way, this side crushes the musical journey to a sweet and bitter end.

Each side takes the form of a continual mix, featuring bonus tracks and edits exclusive to the physical release.

Contained in the housing is a Birkhouse sticker and digital download code:
The full length and unmixed originals, including DJ-ready club edits of Loftmind's tracks.

Limited to 20 tapes!

Loftmind - Noseblunt

Loftmind- Ice Palace Theme

Aimmar Cair - Burden Live Session Clip 1

Aimmar Cair - Burden Live Session Clip 2