• Birk.005 - Blue Cube / Curt

Birk.005 - Blue Cube / Curt

Birkhouse Recordings

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Next up on the Birkhouse imprint -

The d.i.y. collective focusing on underground musicians with experimental, forward thinking tendencies have presented us with some compelling pieces of music so far.
A recent visit to the birkhouse live showcase here in Bristol cemented the collectives sense of musical rebellion and an eagerness to do it their own way - the first five releases serve as a testament to their mission.

This time around we welcome back 'Blue Cube' and 'Curt' for a split tape, apparently the last in the 'bone series'...

Feverish electronics and demented trickery make up the sonic aesthetic of this cassette, upfront and unhinged all at once.

Includes download code, sticker and a note from blue cube.

Side 1: Blue Cube - Axiom Model EP
1: Your Own Baby Lion
2: Empath
3: Stasis
4: Fall
6: Spi:rit Dr/ess

Side 2: Curt
1: Ginvockool
2: Cognac
3: Like Mike
4:Found You
5:The Other Side Of Mike (Like Mike 'Blue Cube' Remix)

Blue Cube - Empath

Blue Cube - Stasis

Curt - Ginvockool

Curt - Like Mike