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Birk.006 - Huw Goodhead / Ondness

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Split tape on Birkhouse -

For the sixth instalment in the Birkhouse series, we find Huw Goodhead back at the controls for Side A, with 5 pieces of ambient, organic recordings featuring the use of acoustic instruments as well as electronically treated field recordings. 'Seventy Trees' and it's use of guitar as a rhythmical and melodic part stands out for it's solemn movements and palette.

Turn the tape and we delve into the world of Ondess (check his latest work on 'Where To Now?' for further reference).
Sunken, atmospheric and driven by submerged rhythm, the detail lies within, a realm of sound that one can easily get lost in.

Our money's on the B-Side, but there's something here for everyone.


1.Huw Goodhead - RiverTracks04:44
2.Huw Goodhead - Speak  Talk 04:55
3.Huw Goodhead - Harmonic Interlude 03:36
4.Huw Goodhead - You're A Forest 07:59
5.Huw Goodhead - Seventy Trees 02:26
6.Ondness - Unsanta 05:08
7.Ondness - Regla de Ocha 07:11
8.Ondness - Lorde 06:49
9.Ondness - Dead Hawaiian 06:34

Huw Goodhead - You're A Forest

Huw Goodhead - Seventy Trees

Ondness - Unsanta

Ondness - Dead Hawaiian