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Birk.009 - Inverchoulin

Birkhouse Recordings

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Number 9 from the D.I.Y. label -

Birkhouse deliver a fresh batch of sonics, this time inviting Inverchoulin back for a further mark on the labels discography.

From the glowing hang drum syncopations to to the stuttering vocal edits, during the 30minute course of Inverchoulin's work, we are moved in between machine music and organic, human sound sources...From the effervescent edits to the field recordings, the senses are always on high alert, with highly technical arrangements and manipulation leading the mind into distress, before we are dropped back into something highly fluid and uplifting, almost relaxing.

Four cuts on the A side, 5 remixes on the flip...

Another highly-involving piece from the ever-moving Birkhouse label - check it!

Artwork by M.Flanagan.
Side A mastered by Bert Olke at GL Audio.
Side B mastered by J.Sinclair aka Loftmind.

Dubbed to white C30 cassette.
Served in hand-assembled card sleeve.

2.Taccy Fingers
5.Shimmer (Loftmind Remix)
6.Shimmer (Shay Remix)
7.Gatari (Strayer Beat Mix)
8.Gatari (Strayer Endless Mix)
9.Taccy Fingers (Daniel Ruane Remix)



Shimmer (Shay Remix)

Gatari (Strayer Beat Mix)