• Birkhouse Recordings - BIRK.001

Birkhouse Recordings - BIRK.001

Birkhouse Recordings

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A real D.I.Y. project, Birkhouse Recordings makes it's first mark with this collection of songs from various UK based musicians, each bringing their individual taste and aesthetic to complete this comprehensive compilation of music on cassette.

Resisting to be pigeon-holed into one area of music, BIRK.001 starts with a brilliantly fuzzy intro, further down the line encompassing sample-based loop music, live recordings of instruments and electronic jams to form an engaging ride through the creative output of artists with like-minded visions and aspirations. Each track stands alone whilst neatly fitting alongside the rest of the tape.
Don't sleep on this one!
Limited to 100 cassettes, each tape comes with foldout insert and sticker.

Inverchoulin - Bridge Light
Blue Cube - Morning Bubble
Aimmar Cair - Conductus
Shay - Simulacrum
Strayer - Consequences
Curt - IWBLB
Loftmind - Holy Smaller
Canoe Club - No Dice
Leopold - Pterodactyl
Huw Goodhead - Fais de Beaux Reves 


canoe club - no dice

loftmind - Holy Smaller

Huw Goodhead - Fais de Beaux Rêves