• Birkhouse Recordings - BIRK.002

Birkhouse Recordings - BIRK.002

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Fresh Cassette from Birkhouse Recordings, this time drawing the circle closer, bringing in three of the artists featured on the first release for a set of live jams under the moniker 'Leopold' and introducing new name 'Hecia'

For the counterpart of the Cassette.

The opening track, the first of the live jams recorded in an evening session on 05.03.12, 'Pormento' sits somewhere between an ambient electronic hang drum session and computerized African polyrhythms, with fragmented melodies conducting precise harmonies within a confined space of sound, holding the listeners full concentration whilst setting an uncertain pace.
'Twists' is formed out of a constellation of astral synths and melancholy drones, chased by a discombobulated drum pattern striving to capture it's surrounding frequencies... The journey ends with 'Cycle' the last excerpt from this session. A comfortable middle ground between melody and beat is realized and a common groove is found - a steady ride finalizes the live jam.

On the other side of the Tape, Bristol producer 'Hecia' makes his first impression with an ambient piece that resides in it's own equilibrium, floating through it's simple, elegant forms with subtle resonances speaking to each other in an unknown language...

Great stuff from the promising Birkhouse Imprint!

A1: Leopold - Pormento

A2: Leopold - Twists

B1: Hecia - Decisions

B2: Hecia - Decisions