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Birkhouse Recordings - BIRK.003

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Tape no.3 from the ever eclectic Birkhouse Recordings label takes us further down the road of musique concrete and distinct sound manipulation -

On the A side we engage with Ben Nigel Potts extremely precisely engineered field recordings and cinematic soundscapes, delivered in a professional and crisp manner.
Crystal clear and abstracted natural sounds oscillate within their space as the depth perception switches effortlessly from close range to far field, obscuring the natural sounds and the listeners perceived position.
The end result is an engaging and intriguing insight into a hyper-realistic and ever-transforming soundscape.

Turn the tape over, and The Marx Trukker follows on from his 'Jahreszwei' venture via the Noorden label with a delicate piece of ambient drone.
Slightly less raw and more eloquent than his prior release, The Marx Trukker achieves  to create an elevated sonic spectrum that sways ever so subtly from space to space,
Airy and hollow but very textured and rich in detail nonetheless.

Ben Nigel Potts - Ouvrir

Ben Nigel Potts - Romanetti

The Marx Trukker - Garden Off Track

The Marx Trukker - Enow Fthen