• Birthmark - Lamentations
  • Birthmark - Lamentations

Birthmark - Lamentations

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Bristol classic warning! The first solid statement of intent from Birthmark after bubbling up on Cold Light and Avon Terror Corps VA's + as a member of essential world class wrecking crew operation Coldtron (w/ Withdrawn, Eldon, Best Available Technology, D Ham).
With a little help from Earthtrax / Western Lore producer Eusebeia and Young Echo's own Manonmars, Birthmark tears thru a late night soundworld that's entirely his own. Intensely personal bars about club paranoia, fractured identity, heartbreak and bravery thru vunerability; matched by an illbient aesthetic with full foreknowledge of 140 and nightbus culture.
Highlights abound but Black Sheep's stuttering dubbed out beats and Medicine's weightless synth n bass are pure pinnacles of dread, you can find the blueprints of it Spaceape's 'Sine of the Dub' (actually Birthmark kinda operates as Kode9 AND Spaceape all in one body and mind). We've got to shout the glistening 'MHRKSH' too - an epic short film of Xannied-sampledelic euphoria that wouldn't go amiss on the OG O$VMV$M trilogy.
If Lamentations is a sign of things to come, Birthmark's about to make the most crucial rap LP we've heard since Ka. 
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Thorns On A Rose




Black Sheep




MHRKSH Ft. Manonmars