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Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett - Host / Version


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Scando-Disco-Dub moves from the O.G. Bjorn Torske and Sotofett -

Another top version excursion through the outer realms of the disco, Sex Tags style.

Long-time DJ and Norwegian ambassador for outernational grooves, Bjørn Torske does the business on this disc, in combination with good friend and co-keeper of the flame DJ Sotofett.

Trippy, dubbed out electronics grace the A Side 'Host' with Sotofett's 'Stoydub' of Bjørn Torske's excellently flavoured 'Høst', whilst the flip sees Sotofett's 'Version' go extra low-slung on the percussive vibes, with Jenz Rahbe adding some fine blue note piano business, all drenched in reverb of course.

Really good combination of freaky dancefloor business and after-hours slo-mo groove -

this one is sold out in most places already, so you might want to act fast if you like what you're hearing!

Bjorn Torske -

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