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Black Lodge - MWR157


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>>Overly sick, lost gem, vinyl only, no digital, all the way essential<<

Six lost slices of leftfield electro including the mythical and mysterious 'Hotline', a track that was originally scheduled for release on Mo’Wax back around about the year 2000 but only ever reached test pressing for reasons no one can quite remember, alongside five other tracks that take in dancehall, hip-hop and 2-step garage, all recorded during the same session...

Not only owning one of Manchester's most revered record collections (one that he dispersed of in recent years to buy gongs) and a tagged up Akai, Black Lodge's 'Hotline' is widely considered a 'lost' holy grail of the Mo'Wax and was brought to the attention of Arcola via an associate of the mysterious Mancunian. It's a peak time slice of electro madness that carries all the cheeky swagger of many a Mo'Wax banger back in the daze.

Being one of the first Mancunians to fully embrace UK Garage, the test tone skip of 'Mo Wax 4' carries more swing in one and a half minutes than many LDN garage dedicates did in their entire discography. 'Monte' gives the record some industrial gristle before we flip the plate and arrive at 'Mo Wax 5', which sources close to the bar have told us was originally recorded for a crew of US hip-hop MC's. An absolute belter of a tune, its chainsaw bassline is set to take out rival MCs and rappers like a double date.

Further flexing the dancehall twist, 'Mo Wax 6' revolves around some fidgety bass notes and fizzy drum work that will appeal strongly to those plugged into the fresh gear of STILL and Low Jack. We then end things with 'Microphone Demo01', bringing the rollicking basslines and graf tag druggy madness to its logical conclusion.

The trip doesn't quite end here though, keep em peeled for the spectral ambient haunting of Bitter Blood: A Collection Of Archival Recordings to be released on the Disciples label for a truly outward gazing twist in the Black Lodge story...


Mo Wax 4


Mo Wax 5