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Black Rain & Shapednoise - Apophis

Cosmo Rhythmatic

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Bleeding edge sonics from Berlin via Italy courtesy of Shapednoise.

Nino Pedone aka Shapednoise has been crafting his claustrophobic and deeply unsettling blend of noise drenched techno just below the radar for a few years now. With releases for Russian Torrent Versions, Opal Tapes and an album for the highly regarded Hospital Productions already, the 25 year olds credentials are most definitely In order.

Last seen on Mumdance & Logos’ ‘Different Circles’ label, remixing the lead track ‘Glass’ with trademark precision and appearing, with increasing frequency, in the playlists of the Different Circles bosses as well as Powell and others with a keen ear for industrial techno experiments and high attention to detail.

Enter ‘Apophis’, a collaborative EP crafted alongside Blackest Ever Black’s ‘Black Rain’ on Cosmo Rhythmic, a label Shapednoise heads up the A&R for. ‘Metal Home’, the most experimental cut on the record the listener is assaulted with pummelling washes of static, juxtaposed by chrome plated chords which appear to melt through the darkness, opening up widescreen spaces and calling to mind the sound design of Subtext’s Roly Porter and of course, Emptyset. ‘Autonomous Lethality’ on the A2 hints at slightly more rigid constructs, leading in with delicate but washed out drums before plunging into a freewheeling assemblage of drum patterns and frenetic bursts of static - a highlight of the EP.

Flipped we have a rework of the final tune by Miles of Demdike Stare fame, the ‘Ramen Reshape’ of Interceptor which is along similar lines as the A2 track - The remix however, harnesses the kinetic energy of the original and wrestles it into a more DJ friendly cut, locking in a solid kick drum and letting the rest go wild.

Absolutely crucial if you dig the aesthetics of Subtext, Hospital Productions and the very outer limits of the Weightless sound - do yourself a favour and get fully involved - turn the lights off and tune the turntable right up till your ears bleed.

Metal Home

Autonomous Lethality

Interceptor - (Miles Ramen reshape)