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Black Roots ft. Dub Judah - What Them A Do 7"

Real Rock

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A gem from veteran Bristol reggae band 'Black Roots' - originally out in 1993 on Nubian Records, and featuring none other than Dub Judah on bass, vocals, additional production and on the dub mix -

Originally out on the 'With Friends' album from Black Roots - the last album before they went in hiatus for some years, prior to their return - now counting 40 years and running...

This one is a standout cut from the LP, with much respected artist Dub Judah lending his production and arrangement style to the rhythm section, bassline, vocal and of course on dub version duties -

Re-issued on 7" for the first time, via Real Rock - including that wicked dub - including synth zap percussive elements, wailing e-guitar and that rough, tough drum & bass section.

Black Roots ft. Dub Judah - What Them A Do

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