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Black Roots Players - Ghetto-Ology

Black Roots

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A real treat from the dub box -

Black Roots Players at Channel One, mixed by Scientist at King Tubby's!

Raw dubwise roots music, this one came out in 1980 via the Black Roots label, and the original press still goes for lots of money, but thankfully you don't have to pay that now, and you can still spin this rough n tough LP on your turntable without the financial pain.

Killer Lp from the top, until the last drop.
Sugar Minott on production, and vocal appearances of course.

Wicked sleeve art too!

1. Redder Than Red
2. Theme From The Hungry Man
3. Never Give Dub Up : Part 2
4. People Have To Know Things In Dub
5. Strange Strings
6. African Dub
7. Ghetto Dub
8. Dub-Ology
9. So Many Dub
10. Free Dubwise

Redder Than Red

People Have To Know Things In Dub

Strange Strings

Ghetto Dub