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Black Uhuru - Hard Ground

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Tough, tough Black Uhuru reissue -

King Jammy in rootical style and fashion, along with one of Jamaica's most solid bands - Black Uhuru.
This one came out around 1977 initially, but only on the LP 'Black Sounds Of Freedom' as far as we're aware.

A group that shifted shape a little during their formative years, Black Uhuru founded in 1974, originally featuring Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare on rhythm and bass section, singers Rudolph "Garth" Dennis, Don Carlos and Duckie Simpson later being joined by Michael Rose, who contributed to the creation of this song, with his signature rock stone voice encapsulating that feeling of ghetto hardship and raggamuffin life so perfectly.
The drum section skips with pure ease, hi-hats jumpin and crossing with pure lifeforce, letting those perfectly tuned synare blasts, keyboard swirls and electric organ hooks move with such space and finesse.
Its a real treat on the ears...

It's a solid production at every aspect, you can have this one on repeat several times, as I did during this write up, and you'll still be coming back for more -


Hard Ground

Hard Ground (Alternative Vocal Mix)

Hard Ground (Dub Mix)

Hard Ground (instrumental)