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Blawan - Nutrition


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Masterfully executed techno from the bossman Blawan on his own label, 6 tracks split over 2 plates - cut at Dubplates & Mastering - make no mistake - this is the real deal, good as it gets and absolutely deadly in the dance.

As the producer in-joke goes - you get bitten by the modular bug and then disappear into the studio, never to be seen, or heard from again. Thankfully Blawan is an exception to the rule (although we weren't sure for a moment as his releases stopped for a while) and the fruits of his modular experimentation are here for all.

A track by track rundown is totally unnecessary here, there's not a duff track amongst them - That cavernous clonk that'll bring down poorly constructed sound systems on 'Mayhem' contrasted by the more delicate 'Fawner' and the funk laced snap of 'Atlas' are our picks, but, in reality, you can't go wrong whichever side the needle hits.