• Bloodheart - Bodytronixxx.002

Bloodheart - Bodytronixxx.002


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Raw & rugged gems from Micheal J. Blood & Tom Boogizm aka Rat Heart, following up their first tape as Ratblood, now rolling with the Ratheart moniker, serving this cassette up via their new $hotta offshoot Bodytronixxx -

The 2nd in a series of no-nonsense madsh*t from underground dons Tom 'Shotta Tapes' Boogizm and Micheal J Blood out of Manchester, comes as a neat follow up / twist up from where they left off, serving up more high grade music on cassette, here to be found and heard by curious minds.

Last chance to get a copy of these, before they vanish from any portal, only to be unlocked once the tape is turning inside the deck of your choice... You ain't finding this one on no sp*tify playlist, or boiler room premieres, that's for sure.

Edition of 150 tapes.
Mastered by Miles Whittaker.