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<< we got another small handful for those who missed it first time around! >>

F*cking excellent piece of Post-Punk, Avant-garde, Jazz, Noise - whatever you call it - from Blurt!

Their first ever LP from 1982, officially reissued across 80mins of cassette - along with a whole heap of their first singles - via Moscow's Post Materialisation Music DIY operation, and sent to us here in a package amongst a whole pile of good stuff from, and for, the ages.

Centred around Ted Milton's Alto Sax & vocals, with Jake Milton on Drums and a whole heap of interchanging band members, Blurt capture that vivacious essence of the early 80's in Britain... Punk happened, Jazz infiltrated long ago, the dub virus spreads, industrial & noise attitude became a thing, all as the extreme side of capitalism rears it's head and causes a whole lot of dismay, grief and of a hell of a lot of quality counter-creativity.
From the glaring, shark-eyed opener 'My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People' to the Buzzcocks or Red Zebra style punk-jazz of 'The Fish Needs A Bike' through to the incredible stripped rhythms in that jazz-dub excursion 'Trees' - seriously - throw all your money here now, even if just for this one! -
and on to more psychedelic free jazz & punk dub excursions, at times even reminding of 23 Skidoo or perhaps the later works by Red Snapper.

We only have a handful of these unfortunately, and you know what -
we don't reeeeally even want to see them go to be honest!

Edition of 200, served with risoprint inlay and silk-screened cassette.

1. My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People
2. Get
3. The Fish Needs A Bike
4. This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir
5. Dog Save My Sole
6. Trees
7. Physical Fitness
8. Empty Vessels
9. Play The Game
10. The Ruminant Plinth
11. Arthur
12. Spill The Beans
13. The Ruminant Plinth
14. White Line Fever
15. Sharks Of Paradise
16. Nomads


My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People

Spill The Beans

Play The Game