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Blurt - Special Russian Tour Record Lathe Cut 7"


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Rare last copies of this limited DIY 7" lathe cut edition of 20 copies, with two previously unreleased live versions Blurt material -

Performed during a Russian tour in 2019, this 7" contains 'Listen To Me Shirley' and 'Beneath Discordant Skies', two vivacious cuts from Post-Punk / No Wave cult band 'Blurt', with (Bristol resident) Ted Milton at the controls (on vox and sax).

Some of you will now probably now own that Blurt tape reissue which the Post Materialization guys put together, and which me managed to get shipped over here to Bristol (Blurt's righteous home) for you, and if you do own the tape, or have at least listened to Blurt's music, or maybe even seen them live over the years - then there's a good chance you are a fan too...
Point being, this is a nice piece for any Blurt fan - a very special recording from a band that has aged so well, and which is still doing things to this day -Relentless creative energy for almost four decades now!

All served up in a very nice looking way, but you knew that already when you saw this was a PMM thing.

If you want one of these, here's your very last chance, as these are sold out in Russia now too, let alone anywhere else in the world.

Edition of 20 copies, 7" lathe cut.

Listen To Me, Shirley!

Beneath Discordant Skies