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Starting of his new BRACK imprint, the versatile BNJMN drops a virile three tracker.

The first track "Luster" lulls you in with melodic bells stretched across the stereo field, as alarms peep into view over a jaunty four to the floor, it doesn't take long for this to deteriorate into an all out club fracas, as white noise tears the spectrum and a synth like a menacing apparition looms over the proceedings, exhaling one of the most unnerving riffs in recent memory!

Electro abounds on "Penumbra", as rim-shots wind and tick, kick drums THUD and strict hi-hats hold it all in place, before you know it a celestial pad is upon you offering a glimpse into another world before slamming you back to reality.

Reminiscent of the underwater electronics of Drexciya, the last track "Keel", ups the tempo for a trip into the big blue, like if Jeff Mills took you for a ride in a submarine.

From the austere artwork to the pounding, stripped back 4/4 and haunting melodies, this record is very aware of the Berlin zeitgeist in which it was made and it slots right in to the dialogue. 

If you took a LIES or Trilogy Tapes record, gave it a haircut and a shower, it would sound like this! TIP